Russian Synergy University Office in IAUEC launched

According to the public relations office today with the presence of university’s highest administration council, the Synergy university’s office started operating within university premises. This was done following the MoU Signed between the two universities in Moscow. During that visit when reciprocally IAUEC’s office opened in Moscow, Dr. Mirzade the President of IAU pointed out that these sorts of academic and cultural relations can further strengthen the ties between the countries. It should be highlighted that according to Dr. Mirzadeh’s policy the internationalization of the university is now considered more than a priority and the rector of IAUEC Dr. Keshavarzi is therefore working hard to get this done.

It should be noted that recently the university is in process and in some cases has completed the process of accreditations like BID Spain and ASIC in UK and its graduate can benefit from their degrees being recognized all over the globe.