Dr. Ebrahimi: Iranians Residing Abroad can study with IAUEC

According to the public relations office, Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi the general director of international relations in Azad University’s central organization gave a brief interview regarding the important role of IAUEC in educating and admitting the Iranian students who are living abroad. He also emphasized that recently two office of Azad University were opened in Europe with a ceremony by presence of Dr. Mirzadeh the president of Azad University. He also announced that in near future other offices will be launched in Europe and all over the globe based on university highest council decision. Dr. Ebrahimi added that IAUEC has developed very useful frameworks and software so that everything can be done online without presence from issuing student ID cards to getting student certificates and paying the tuition fee. He also mentioned that teaching the Persian language and its culture has been a driving force behind all the efforts and this will be extended also through short-course programs for interested individuals.


Minister of Foreign Affair’s Readiness to Cooperate with Azad University

According to Public Relations office at IAUEC during a recent meeting between Dr. Mirzade the president of Azad University and Dr. Zarif Iranian foreign minister very constructive and fruitful discussions were held. During the meeting Dr. Zarif concentrated on Azad University’s great potential for offering to Iranian citizens residing and living abroad through thr IAUEC’s LMS system. Dr. Mirzade also pointed out that for opening international offices, the Azad university is ready to hear and use the help of Iranian foreign ministry for establishing those offices in recommended countries. Dr. Mirzade also thanked the diplomacy and approach taken for finalizing the so called Barjam and hoped for the betterment of the situation as times go on. At the end of the meeting Dr. Zarif assured the fact that he will officially communicate the details for cooperation to all embassies and international offices of Islamic Republic of Iran abroad.