Dr. Keshavarzi Congratulated Iran’s Employee Day to IAUEC Staff

The rector of IAUEC Dr. Mohammad Reza Keshavarzi congratulated the Iran’s Employee Day to all the hardworking university members and its students. According to the public relations report Dr. Keshavarzi pointed out that these days we should recognize and value the efforts made by our hardworking and tireless staff. He further added that we all have to do our best in order to educate our countrymen for building Iran’s future. He outlined the fact that if efforts of the university staff was not out there it would have been impossible to fulfill the dream of learning online without presence. Dr. Keshavarzi also stated that continuance of this path is difficult but sweet. At the end he wished everyone success during this journey.



Six of August the Last Day for Master and PhD Program Registrations

According to university public relations office, 6th of August is the last day for Master and PhD program registrations. Interested individuals can refer to for completing the registration process to participate in the related examination. From the list of majors there are the E-Campus with Moscow and other offices across Europe and in the offices all over the globe.