Holding the Synergy University Global Forum

According to the recent contract signed between IAUEC and synergy university in Russia, a global forum will be soon held in the coming months in Milad tower.

The forum is going to host several internationally famous key speakers mainly in leadership, entrepreneurship and management related fields. Those interested in participation can refer to the for more information.


Notification for October Entries

According to public relations office it is to remind that those students who have not yet put their documents in the order required should follow the instructions mentioned in the notification number 2 and the deadline for sending the documents by post is 21th of October.

University Registration Office




Registration Deadline, “Today”

Those interested in registering for continuing their education should note that today the October 4th is the final deadline for it.

According to university’s public relations office registered students should select the courses for this semester through It is to be highlighted that Islamic Azad University E-Campus is the biggest completely private electronic/virtual university within Iran having more than 15000 students. Moreover by offering the possibility of live interaction between the professor and students together with providing 24 hours support and access to the recorded courses has managed to attract attentions and receive positive feedbacks from the students. Nowadays the level of satisfaction among the students is fortunately high.