IAUEC participated actively in “International Elecomp” and “Research and Technological Achievement” Exhibitions

IAUEC participated in 22th elecomp and research and technological achievement exhibitions in Tehran. The university’s stand was located in 44th hall of Persian gulf main amphitheater. In addition to this the SADAVA system developed by the university was presented in public for interested individuals. The mentioned system is for registration and industrialization of ideas.




Holding the Second International Forum for Business and Innovation in Milad Tower

According to the public relations office IAUEC in cooperation with Russia’s Synergy university is going to hold the second international forum in Tehran’s Milad tower.

The event will take place on February 20th of 2017. The first forum was already held in Moscow with massive participation of over 5000 interested scholars. It is arranged that the most important business and innovation related individuals take part in Tehran’s February gathering. Among the well-known speakers Filip Cotler and Alan Pease can be mentioned. For getting more information the interested individuals can refer to www.synergyglobal.ir