The University Rector’s Message for New Year 1396

According to university’s public relations office Dr. Keshavarzi the rector of Azad university of Tehran, e-campus warmly congratulated the new year to all the students and staff.

Dr. Keshavarzi emphasized that last year was a very sad one due to the fact that the late founder and president of Azad university Ayatollah Hashemi passed away. He also pointed out that the appointment of Dr. Velayati as the president of the university’s highest council was a blessed and a great choice and would definitively pave the way for further development and prosperity of the university. Dr. Keshavarzi also highlighted that the year 1396 is also a blessed one due to its simultaneity with the birth of our prophet Mohammad’s only daughter.

Further on, Dr. Keshavarzi added that the E-campus branch of Azad University has the honor to serve and continue its path toward success having more that 20000 students. He also expressed hopes for a better and brighter future for the university, its students, alumni and the Iranian people inside Iran and across the globe.


Dr. Mohammad Reza Keshavarzi

University Rector