Faculties and Fields of Study


-Faculty of Engineering and Technology

-Faculty of Management

-Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Medical Engineering

Department of Petroleum Engineering

Department of Polymer Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Loom Engineering

Other Engineering Groups


Faculty of Management

Department of Information Technology Management

Department of Trade Management

Department of Education Management

Department of Technology Management

Department of Governmental Management

Department of Industrial Management

Department of Executive Management

Department of Health Services Management

Department of City Management

Department of MBA Management

Department of Entrepreneurship Management


Faculty of Humanities

Department of Consultation and Social Sciences

Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Accounting and Finance

Department of Political Science

Department of Law

Department of Art

Department of Physical Education and Sport science



As Head of

Strings / Strings

Deputy Group


M. Rabbani

Head of School:

M. Rabbani


electrical engineering


Hossein Shamsi


Electrical engineering, electronics

Electrical engineering telecommunications

Electrical Power Engineering

electrical control engineering

Electrical Power Engineering Electrical Engineering Power

computer engineering

T. Benny R.

Touraj Bani Rostam


In Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence Computer Engineering

Computer engineering computer systems architecture

Biomedical Engineering

Ali Sheikhani

Ali Sheikhani


Bio-medical engineering Electric

Rehabilitation Medical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Ismail Khan Mirza

Ismail Khan Mirza

Mechanical Engineering Energy Conversion

Mechanical Engineering Applied Mechanics

aerospace engineering

Hvafza- engineering, aerodynamics

Manufacturing Engineer

Mvad- engineering welding

industrial engineering


Sayed Mohammed Seyed Hosseini


Snay- Engineering Engineering


Mahdieh Akhbari

Snay- engineering management and system efficiency

Financial engineering

The Economic and Social Systems Engineering

Civil Engineering

Ali brilliant

Ali Derakhshani


Geotechnical Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Highway Engineering

Transportation Engineering Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering Construction Management

Information Technology (MS)

Mohammad Abdollahi Azgam

Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi


Engineering, information technology, e-commerce

Math Laden

Ladan Riazi


Information technology engineering, computer networks

Information technology engineering Secure Telecommunication Engineering

Engineering Petroleum & Chemical


Ahmad Raza Rabbani


Technics Oil Exploration

Petroleum Engineers (hydrocarbon reservoirs)

Petroleum Exploration

Engineering Research Oil Refining

Reaching engineering separation processes

Petroleum Engineering (Drilling)

Agricultural Engineering

Parnaz Alimoradian

Parnaz Alimoradian


Agricultural engineering agricultural management

Information Technology

Majid Haji Ramazan

Majid Haji Ramezanali


IT Computer Engineering (BS) 94 onwards

Information Technology (BS) 93 and pre


MS Ziaee

Head of School:

Mohammad Sadiq Ziaee


governmental management


Abbas Abbaspoor


Public management, human resources management

Public management organization and methods

Public financial management, public management

Public Administration Management Information Systems

Public management, change management

Business Management

Esfandiar Doshmanziare

Esfandiar Doshmanziare


Business Administration Marketing


Said Rod

Bazrgany- International Business Management

Bazrgany- Management Internal Trade

Bazrgany- Management Insurance Management

Financial Management

Bazrgany- management, financial management

Bazrgany- management change management

IT management

MA Afsharkazmy

M.Ali AfsharKazemi


IT management (senior)

Amir Journal

Amir Daneshvar


Advanced information technology management information systems

Information technology management, information resource management

IT Management (PhD)

Information technology management, electronic business

Industrial Management


E. Asgharizadeh


Industrial Management

She aircraft

Shahrzad Tayaran


Industrial production management

Industrial-financial management

Tknvlvzhy- management of technology transfer

Tknvlvzhy- management technology innovation

New Business Entrepreneurship

Tknvlvzhy- management strategies for industrial development

New Business Entrepreneurship Management

Health Management Services

AA Nasiripour


Health Management Services

Sport Managment

Sport Management strategic management in sports organizations

Environmental Management (HTML ISI)

Motor Behavior

Executive Management

Vahidreza Mirabi

Vahidreza Mirabi


Urban Management

Fariba Salahi

Fariba Salahi


Manage MBA- Marketing Management

Executive Management


SMR Imam

Head of School:

Seyed Mohammad Reza Emami



Hossein Eskandari

Hossein Eskandari

Clinical Psychology

Educational Psychology

personality psychology

General Psychology

Measurement (psychometric)

Exceptional children (mental retardation)


Esmail Zarei Zavaraki

Esmail Zarei Zavaraki

Educational Sciences Educational Planning

Educational Sciences Curriculum

Educational Sciences Educational Technology

Education Management

social Sciences

Zahra haberdashery December Mhmdvndy

Zahra Kharazi Azar

Demography Social Sciences

Social Sciences Anthropology

Social Sciences Sociology

Social Communication Sciences

Social Communication Sciences Public Relations

Cultural Studies and Media

Cultural Affairs and Cultural Management


Mehdi Sadeghi witnesses

Mehdi Sadeghi Shahdani


Economical science

Economic Development and Planning

Planned economic systems


J. saghafi

J. saghafi


Urban Design

Said humble

Said Haghir

Art research

Urban planning

political science

Rahim Confessor

Rahim Khastoo

political science

International Relations


A. Shafiabadi

A. Shafiabadi


consultation and guidance

School counseling consultation

Criminal Justice

Iraj Gldvzyan

Iraj Goldoozian

Criminal Law and Criminology (MA)

Mohammad Reza Zandi

Criminal Law and Criminology (PhD)

Law and criminal law.


Iraj Nvrvsh

Iraj Noravesh

Accounting (MA)

Accounting (PhD)

Financial Management

M. Miner alum

M. Madanchi

Financial Management (Senior)


Ahmad Goudarzi

Management Financial Management (PhD)

foreign languages

Reza Najafdar

Reza Najafdari

teaching English

English language translation

Public Law and International

Jafar Jamali

Jafar Jamali

International rights

international Business law

public rights

Real Estate Registration Law

Financial-economic rights

Private law

Mahshid Saadat TABAEI

Mahshid Saadat TABAEI

Private Law (senior)

Private Law (PhD)

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